Shoutout to my supporters - Jan. 2017

WOOH, I started up the livestream about a month ago, and the time has flown. I've continued to make things while streaming, I'm chatting it up with viewers, people are reading the comic strip... it's all kinds of awesome :D

So yeah, shoutout to my supporters... you're helping me along on my journey, so if nothing else you're getting a drink at Ridley's!

Just kinda grasp onto the side of the glass. It's surprisingly tactile, and you can feel how much pressure you're exerting. It takes some getting used to, but the emulator also handles some of the this-shouldn't-be-physically-possible parts of the process :P

Have a wonderful February everyone! So far January has been treating me pretty well, and I'm excited to see what we can make happen in Feburary :)


Basically everything was designed by Nintendo, who I'm hoping still let me keep doing my thing. It's a parody. And free. Did I mention they're awesome too?
Comics, ideas, etc, etc owned by me, blah, blah, legal stuff. Look, just don't be a jerk, and it's all good. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't care all that much... just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.