All kinds of updates

Lots of backend stuff happening these days. Here's a list of the most recent additions to the site:

Livestream / Spawn room
Support page
My AD&D character sheet
Several items were added to the Fiddleables chainmaille section.
A driftwood Metroid found its way into the Other section.
The Thingies and Stuff box has a page now.
My Wax seal stamps now have a page.
The Absinthe glass cozy (Lucy) has a page.
The Erlenmeyer flask cozy (Erlene) has a page.

Alright, we done here? I think we got 'em all, or at least the brunt of them. A lot of these items were created over previous months, but I hadn't up until now actually documented them on Zebeth. There's also been a whole pile of smaller, miscellaneous updates. Broken links fixed, random image generator updated, spelling errors, things of that nature. It's been a while, so it's taking some time to kinda sweep all the dust and cobwebs off the site, get it all ship-shape again.

That said, it's probably more ship-shape now than it's ever been before :D

Also, happy birthday Mom! You may not be around, at least physically, but I can still wish you a happy birthday :)


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