A nest of dragons

There's a fair amount to go over. First off, I'd like to thank our March supporters who have helped me in all their various ways. My Patreon supporters Suvarestin, Wei-Hwa Huang, MathPhysicsNerd, BikDip, Laura, Sonder and BrotherFlounder, you're all awesome. I've received donations from Alex, Patrick, Michael, and Kevin, all of your are incredible and awesome.

I also want to put out some extra special thanks to Lauraloveex for being an amazing and wonderful moderator in my channel's chat room, as well as Aidmit_One for literally buying and sending me a second webcam, which has allowed me to show close-ups of my work and have an interactive second window! WOOOOH, you're amazing!

Whew, it's been incredible this past little bit. Zebeth also has a handful of new additions. The dragons page has our newest additions, Sabrina and Shade. I've added my latest collar to that page, begun doing divinations and have made a page for my divination kit, and have written a short piece on when I was trained by a cat :3. The thingies section has also been updated a bit, and the Kabucam gallery has a few new pics. All kinds of new additions.

And as mentioned in the comic, I'm now dating QuelynBlay, who appears as an Espeon in the Zebethian realm. She's amazing and wonderful, and much of my free time has been spent with her <3.

That assorted slurry of updates aside, I've generally just been enjoying life. Did some clothes shopping with QuelynBlay, taken a few nice long walks outdoors, got some hammocking in recently, and on livestream am currently working on a cozy for a set of snow goggles (which will show up here when finished).

All in all, things are going pretty amazing right now. Pretty hectic from my perspective, but amazing :)

Kuro, life be with you <3


Basically everything was designed by Nintendo, who I'm hoping still let me keep doing my thing. It's a parody. And free. Did I mention they're awesome too?
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