The First Dragons

18-gauge rings for the most part

Celeste - The Stainless Steel Dragon - October 2016

At one point, I stumbled across a picture of a similar chainmaille dragon. A friend of mine was also wanting to get into chainmaille, and the idea of making a dragon intrigued her. I decided to make one from larger rings (mostly 16 gauge, 5/16"ID rings). The body is Interwoven 4-1 (changed to Persian Dragonscale for future dragons), and the arms are boxchain with byzantine connections for the elbows. To blend the body into the tail, I used Elfweave, and then a simple chain to reach the scale at the end of the tail. The head is mainly Alienmaille weave, with some modifications to allow the large ring to be gripped between the teeth. I also gave her blackened steel rings as eyes, and a clasp under her rear scale so that she can be worn like a bracelet :)

Venus - February 2017

This was a really fun project, done while livestreaming. Made from a mixture of ring sizes, though all 18 gauge. The head is 7/32"ID stainless steel in alienmaille weave, the body is 1/4"ID titanium in persian dragonscale, the legs are 3/16"ID titanium in roundmaille and byzantine, and the tail is 1/4"ID titanium in elfweave, which tapers down to a pair of aluminum scales. The back scales are tempered high-carbon steel, which have a beautifully weatherworn look to them. There's a handful of other assorted sizes as needed too (including a handmade mouth ring of 12 gauge 11/16"ID enamelled steel coathanger wire, for lack of an available alternative), so she's got a mix of a little of everything in her :)

The tail can be threaded through the mouth ring and connected a clasp beneath the last back scale and worn as a bracelet :D

Mercury - February 2017

Also made while livestreaming, the second dragon came together a lot faster than the first, probably about 7.5 hours (as compared to the first's 8.5). I used the same weaves, alienmaille, persian dragonscale, roundmaille/byzantine, and elfweave, in the same materials. Stainless steel head, titanium body, shiny stainless scales, and 3/16", 7/32", 1/4"ID sizes as above. Again, there's a handful of other ring sizes in order to make a connection fit or whatnot. The connections between the head and body, and body and tail in this dragon flow more smoothly than the first, so there's subtle differences between them. The first's head came out better though, so there's that. They're like triplets... not quite identical, but not really different either.

Drag-On Queen - February 2017

The final of the triplets to come into creation, this one wanted to be shinier. Born of the same titanium and stainless steel rings, she sports anodized aluminum hot pink scales with a mirror finish. She was given to the Sunshine House, where she was named Queen and will continue to protect the inhabitants and those who visit. Time constraints limited additional pics for Zebeth, but rest assured that she will be seen by many over the years.

And with that, the triplets fly to their new homes as quickly as they were created. The first two are being given to a friend as presents for her kids, and Celeste (above) was staying with my niece in another town. She didn't get to see any of them in progress, though she did get to meet them in person when I had the opportunity to bring them in for a dragongathering :D

Viserion - March 2017

Also made for the Sunshine House, this dragon was made to be given away to a lucky winner at one of their events! Made in a total of about 5.5 hours (viewable on my YouTube playlist), she's 18-gauge, almost entirely stainless steel. The body is 1/4"ID persian dragonscale weave, the tail is 1/4"ID elfweave (with some 3/16"ID tapering it to a pair of anodized aluminum scales), and the head is 5/32"ID. The mouth ring is again a custom-sized 12-gauge enamelled mild steel, and she has blackened 5/32"ID stainless steel eyes. The legs are 3/16"ID roundmaille with byzantine joints, and just for funsies I gave her titanium claws :)

From Celeste came the trio, and from the four came the initial seven. Alas, this dragon may be signatureless, as I can't recall whether or not I scratched my signature (K.T.) into the back of one of the scales.

Octavia - March 2017

A dragon made for myself. After having made so many dragons to be given away (and Celeste staying with my sister and niece), I decided that I wanted to have my own dragon to play with. And as much as I would have loved to have had a full-titanium dragon, I unfortunately lacked the rings at the time, thus making her stainless steel. Though she was given titanium claws, so there's that :)

I think at this point I have more or less standardized the ring sizes for my dragons, so I'm not going to bother mentioning it again unless it's something out of the ordinary. Which will be with the next dragon Lorelei, since it'll have blackened steel rings, and I lack 7/32"ID rings of that type.

Regardless, Octavia the Ice Dragon travels with me as often as possible because funsies, and she's really fun to play with :D

Lorelei - March 2017

The final of the initial 7 dragons. Lorelei is very unique, in that I lacked blackened steel rings in 7/32"ID (my usual size for the Alienmaille head). I used a combination of 1/4" and 3/16"ID rings, as well as some 5/32"ID rings for added teeth. Yeah, I know, right? I needed to do a lot of fanangling around with the face to make her look good, and added some awesome jaggedy teeth to secure other rings in place. By far the most time consuming, but also the most amazing Dragon head so far :D

Like her twin Octavia, the scales at the tip of her tail are forked apart, as opposed to cupped together like the others before. Like her other siblings, she has titanium claws as well. Though as lighter coloured rings were needed for eyes, she was given titanium eyes as well, just because <3. Lorelei, the last of the original seven, was given to my girlfriend QuelynBlay. From these come forth the throng.

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