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Twilight - June 2017

Twilight is the dragon of electronics. She's very electronically saavy, having built her own computer from parts and written her own software, and loves all things on the cutting edge of technology. Whether it's catching up on the newest programming languages or wiring her own circuit boards, Twilight spends her spare time in some way or another indulging in her passion.

Ledasha - May 2017

Ledasha is the dragon of mystery. Whether it's the latest mystery movie that's arrived in theaters or a classic book by Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie, Ledasha is going to be immersed within its story. Having spent so much of her time around mysteries, she has developed a very keen mind regarding puzzling situations, and will often be the first dragon to figure out why something doesn't work.

Hazel - May 2017

Hazel is the dragon of spiders. Born with eight eyes and eight legs, she has incredible vision and can move at terrific speeds. Adept at climbing walls, she finds herself drawn to the sides of buildings, or anything that can be scaled. As a natural climber, much of her time is spent in trees, or clinging to the upper corners of rooms.

Belle - May 2017

Belle is the dragon of music. She finds herself drawn towards any music she hears in her travels, and has a great love for attending symphonies and concerts. Having no dislike of any genres or types of music, Belle is just as likely to be listening to modern day pop music as 80's black metal or chiptunes.

Katherine - May 2017

Katherine is the dragon of caves. She has a great passion for spelunking, travelling the underground caverns far and wide. When not actively travelling the inky black depths, she finds herself reading tales of great adventurers who have been discovering the deepest caves on Earth. Having spent much of her time underground, Katherine has developed the ability to see in the dark.

Elisha - May 2017

Elisha is the dragon of the snakes. Requesting to be born without legs, Elisha loves slithering down tunnels she comes across in her travels, greeting the animals she encounters in their burrows. She loves sliding through the grass, feeling the cool blades run over her scales. Born with double the scales, she can slither twice as fast as the regular dragon.

Chantal - May 2017

Chantal is the dragon of spirituality. She enjoys visiting altars and shrines of different cultures, learning about their ways and their past. A visitor of many shrines, she has prayed to many Gods, and has come to see many religions as worthy of her time and devotion. A calm spirit by nature, she otherwise spends her time enjoying the calming serenity of quiet parks and cafés.

Olga - May 2017

This is Olga, dragon of produce. Olga loves cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables, preparing her foods from scratch. When she's not experimenting with new recipes and treats on her own, she loves cooking feasts for others, the more the merrier. A fan of the U-Pick strawberry picking farms, there's nothing that Olga loves more than to spend the day outside, munching strawberries with one hand and putting them into a bucket with the other.

Spectrum - May 2017

This is Spectrum, dragon of order. If there general mischief or discourteousness happening, Spectrum is going to be the one to step in and settle tensions or otherwise see what she can do. One of the fiercer dragons, she is well familiar with bar brawls and scuffles, taking a strong-tailed approach to situations when needed.

Florence - May 2017

Florence is the dragon of flowers. Whether it's gladiolas or merigolds, Florence is a fan of them all. She has dreams of one day visiting a cherry blossom festival. Spring is her favourite time of year, as that's when all of the flowers are planted and grown, and the multitude of colours that emerge with the season fills her with love and serenity.

Sonja - May 2017

Sonja is the dragon of the people, or the people's dragon. Sonja loves company, and being around others. Malls bustling with people or packed affairs with mingling and merriment, Sonja loves to be lost somewhere inside. Seeing new faces, meeting new people, faces and voices and people in all directions, this is Sonja's favourite sight. When opportunity to gather with others isn't available, Sonja enjoys people-watching at local festivals or parks, enjoying the atmosphere and watching life happen before her eyes.

Vixen - May 2017

This is Vixen, dragon of speed. Whether it's high-speed cars, bungee jumping or base jumping, Vixen loves the rush of distance passing at a high velocity. When held to regular speeds by logic or safety, Vixen can be found watching racing on TV, or watching first-person videos of such on YouTube. A fan of feeling the wind through her rings, Vixen looks forward to any adventures that involve the open air and open throttle.

Sissy - May 2017

This is Sissy, dragon of meticulosity. She adores the precise and loves organization. Her favourite types of places are ones with lots of tiny, fragile objects balanced delicately on ledges. To assist in her meticulousness, Sissy loves to clean, and loves how spotless everything is afterwards. All the better to show off the delicately balanced figurines and knicknacks oh-so-gently placed in various places. Organized chaos, that's what Sissy loves most.

Felicity - May 2017

This is Felicity, the party dragon. That's about the best way to put it. If there's music playing and dancing to be had, Felicity will be there. Whether it's late-night gatherings at a friend's house after the pub or a chaotic party at a packed club, Felicity wants to be a part of it. And not only that, but she wants to be the center of attention. Front and center, all eyes on her, that's the dragon that Felicity is.

Midnight - May 2017

Midnight is a fan of the dark. A dragon of the night, Midnight prefers living the late shift. She will be up at all hours of the night going about her activities, and is usually found sleeping, or otherwise grumpy during the daylight hours. If she has an opportunity to curl up in a dark closet with no windows and just sit and meditate in there, then she may not be seen for hours as she sits alone in the dark. From the brightest black to the fewest of photons, Midnight loves them all.

Sora - May 2017

This is Sora, the magical sea serpent of the deep. Born from a need for a blue dragon (having one dragon of each of the standard colours available at any one time), Sora called from the seas to be the next dragon made. She loves the feel of misty air whipping through her rings as she glides through the sea spray. From lakes to rivers, Sora is drawn to bodies of water everywhere. If there's an opportunity for her to sail the open seas, that's where she'll be found.

Ingrid and Freya - May 2017

Ingrid and Freya are the first of her (their) kind. These two have been asking for creation for a while now, and I felt that it was the right time to accept their challenge. Woven together from the start, this two-headed dragon is the dragon of vision. With four eyes, she's capable of seeing twice as much as the average dragon. It is rumoured that she is capable of seeing into the future, however this has not been confirmed. When questioned about it, one of the dragons (usually Freya) just smirks and chuckles slightly.

Ruby - May 2017

Ruby the fire dragon. She certainly wanted to be red, and she certainly likes fire. Like... not in a bad way, but campfires, evening candles. You know, the fun, fascinating stuff. It cooks your food, it lights your way, there's a reason that it's one of humans' most important discoveries. Whether it's enjoying a candlelit bath surrounded by tealights or cooking some farmer sausage over a crackling fire, this dragon loves it all.

Crystal - May 2017

Crystal is the dragon of compassion. Whether it's volunteering her time at a local cat shelter or caring for the sick, she wants to be involved. Born with a desire to help others, she spends much of her spare time helping those in need, whether its animals, people, or even mundane things such as helping with house repairs or patching pinholes in walls. In-tune with the medical world, she finds herself drawn to documentaries or other dramas featuring such subjects.

Sasha - May 2017

Sasha is the dragon of patience. Based on the colours of the chakra, Sasha is a bit shorter of a dragon than the rest of her sisters, using fourteen scales down her back to make the seven colours. A dragon of patience, when not sitting in quiet meditation, she can be found playing chess, go, or other similar games. When she gets the chance, she loves setting up an outdoor chess board at a park and seeing if any passers-by are willing to challenge her to a game.

Jade - April 2017

Jade loves all things green. Named for her likeness to the mineral, Jade just has a particular fondness for the colour in all its forms. Whether it's green purses, green shoes, or green hair dye, Jade wants a little of all of it. No shade too dark, no shade too light, she's drawn to the colour where she can find it. Especially fond of spring, she loves wandering outside when all of the plants are showing their newest, most vibrant colours.

Gloria - April 2017

Dragon of puzzle, Gloria loves all things... puzzly. Whether it's Rubik's cubes, crossword puzzles, or even the tried and true search-a-word, Gloria finds herself pouring hours of her time into them. When not puzzling over cubes or other platonic solids, she finds herself drawn to mysteries such as those offered by Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle. Also partial to wire puzzles, as she feels additionally drawn to their ring-like nature.

Persephone - April 2017

Dragon of flavour, Persephone seeks all things gastronomically amazing. Whether it's high cuisine at a fancy restaurant or a good old greasy burger at a mom and pop, she's all in. Never one to turn down an offer to try something new, this dragon loves her food and the people who make it. When not ensconced in the preparation or consumption of food, she loves to be out with people, partying it up.

Sunset - April 2017

Sunset loves the beach and the sand. If there's surf, she wants to play in it. If there's a hot rock baking in the sun, she wants to bask on it. An outdoordragon by nature, she leans more towards the hot sun, hot sand, and anything thereabouts. If there's an opportunity for her to get out to watch the actual sunset over a calm lake, then that's exactly what this dragon is going to do. Added bonus if her and her companions have built a sand castle for her to roost upon.

Robin - April 2017

Robin is a dragon of the forest and planet. She knew that she was going to be an Earth dragon the moment that she learned that she was going to be green. She loves the outdoors, the smell of grass and trees, and the sounds of birds and nature. There's little outdoors that she doesn't enjoy, and strives to spend as much time as possible around or near the great outdoors. A defender of nature, she seeks balance and harmony between plant and animal.

Sapphyre - April 2017

Sapphyre (formerly Lagertha) is a defender of the skies and of her companion. She wanted to be built for speed, and so asked if she could have two tails. Having no problems with the concept, I struggled with the connections for the tail for quite a while before it came into being. She's additionally unique in that she can be turned into a bracelet while still having a tail free to swing around if desired. She loves history, and historical documentaries. When not streaking through the skies at top speed, her two tails allowing her mobility unlike no other, she may be found poring through Wikipedia or over any historical tomes found around her home.

Sara - April 2017

Sara's a colourful one. She wanted a little bit of all of the colours available to her, but unfortunately that would not have looked quite as nice. Settling on the classic rainbow, Sara was meant to shine. She's loud, loves company, and always wants to be the centre of attention. She is to be gifted to the Sunshine House where Drag-On Queen took up residence. With Queen off on an adventure, Sara stepped in to take her place. Made almost entirely from titanium, she is the lightest dragon made so far, and with double the teeth, she's extra fierce to go with being extra colourful.

Skitters - April 2017

Skitters also yearned for life, long before ring was put to scale. I knew she was going to be an unusual one when she asked for six legs. I made sure of it a few times throughout, but she was adamant. She wanted to skitter, and the best way to skitter was with more legs. So hey, who am I to deny a dragon her preferred number of legs. And so, with the similar problem as Aurora of limited rings, she was as well created as far as she could go until the next order arrived, wherein the two would be completed. Like Aurora, she wanted to be striped as well but with a little extra power, so she chose a titanium/tempered high-carbon steel scale pattern.

Aurora - April 2017

Aurora sought to be born from the remainders of the last of the shiny pink and aged stainless scales. She wanted to be colourful yet striped, making her our first striped dragon, alternating between hot pink and shiny stainless steel scales. And despite intuitively knowing that there would not be enough rings to finish her before the next chainmaille order, she still asked to be created, as much far as she could. And so, she was born half-created with her twin Skitters, falling into a similar, yet different situation. We ended up having enough rings to finish her after all though, having disassembled several half-finished projects to make up the shortage, and led to her having a slimmer, more streamlined tail. After receiving her tail and legs, Aurora vowed to be the dragon of sport, loving all things active and fast.

Shade - March 2017

The second of our dragons to be given life. I felt that this dragon was going to be a fast one, and could feel her rings flying through my pliers as I built her. She loves to ball up, and fits nicely in the palm. Shade came about due to my having more of the blackened rings than the silver ones, and being down to only enough rings for one more dragon before the next order. Shade is the sneaky, dart-around-the-roomy type, liking to occasionally play hide and seek or move around more often than not. Though active when she can be, she still loves curling up on her companion for an evening nap.

Sabrina - March 2017

The first of the throng, I wanted to make her the best dragon I possibly could. Having had a fair amount of practice making dragons to this point, I've found pretty good ways of running one weave into the next, blending them as best possible. She uses four different sizes of 18 gauge rings, 7/32", 1/4", 3/16", and 5/32", making her all kinds of complicated. Five sizes if you include the mouth ring, which is 12 gauge enamelled mild steel. She's a trickety type, and loves the act of creation. There isn't a sewing machine she doesn't like, and is enthralled watching her companion or others work on their projects.

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