The wax seals

Whittled from wood to stamp onto wax

The first side of the Thingies and Stuff logo. Made painstakingly slowly using a dremel on piece of a wooden bucket shovel handle that I needed shorter. Also made backwards, because the pattern is reversed when you stamp it into wax. Whoops.

This one needed a bit of correction with wood glue near the top of the T, but that doesn't affect its ability to stamp.

After gluing another printed logo onto the opposite face of the same shovel handle piece, except backwards, another dremelling was done and we now have a stamp that prints in the correct direction! I see this as an opportunity. When a time comes to give something a T&S seal, I can toss the stamp into the air with a spin, and let chance decide whether it will be forwards or reverse. After which I will likely pick the correct side manually :P
A more personal wax seal, resembling a Metroid. I use this one when Thingies and Stuff (the business) is less involved. Made from a little wooden peg that I bought at Michaels years ago. She has a twin who resides in my geocaching bag, to stamp the Letterbox Hybrid style caches.

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